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Shamlou’s 1972 Poetry Reading Published

Shamlou’s 1972 Poetry Reading PublishedShamlou’s 1972 Poetry Reading Published

Ahmad Shamlou’s first poetry reading session held in November 1972, has been published by Ava-Khorshid publications and will be unveiled on December 9, 2014.

Babak Chamanara, director of Ava-Khorshid publications and Beethoven Music store and also the spokesman of Music Producers and Publishers’ Guild, said the poetry session published for the first time, is titled “Gharibaneh” (As a Stranger), Honaronline quoted him as saying.

Ava-Khorshid intends to publish the poet’s other poetry reading sessions and the current album is the first of the series, Chamanara added. His other poetry session is to be published next spring, (March to June 2015), as a video album, he said.

He said it does not have any music “as we wanted to preserve the original atmosphere of the session as it happened 40 years ago. Even the sounds have not been edited a lot so the listener can truly grasp how Shamlou interacted with his audience.”

On the graphic design he said Aida Sarkisian, Shamlou’s wife, had two photos of the ceremony in her archives; one showing Shamlou reading a poem and the other depicts the audience. The photos have been published unedited. “What mattered was to keep the real mood of Shamlou’s session.”

The unveiling will be held from 4:00 to 6:00 P.M. at Beethoven music store, No. 23, corner of A’rabi alley, Sanaei Street.

Ahmad Shamloo also known by his pen name A. Bamdad (1925 – 2000) was a Persian poet, writer, and journalist. Shamlou has translated extensively from French to Persian and his own works are also translated into a number of languages. He has also written several plays, fictions and screenplays.