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Joint Theater Production With Italy

A scene from a rehearsal session A scene from a rehearsal session

A joint theater production by Italian Meticci Theater Company and Iranian ‘Mouj’ troupe is currently underway at Roudaki Foundation’s theater hall in Tehran. 

Directed by Pietro Fliridia, the show titled ‘The Violin of Titanic,’ is an adaptation of a 1978 work by German author, poet, translator and editor Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Mehr News Agency reported. 

The original work is primarily about the failure of western capitalism, a point that the writer makes explicitly in the passage about Icelanders, who, when their properties are threatened by volcanic lava flows, endeavor to stem the inexorable tide with hoses.

Using the elements and features of the famous Titanic story (such as first-class and third-class ship rooms, icebergs, boats, submergence and survival), the plot of the show attempts to symbolize not only the “economic but also the cultural and social crises in the world.”

“The show portrays part of the interviews and opinions of dozens of people with different outlooks on the crises,” said Sanam Naderi, assistant director of the show. 

Ali Azarshin, Amir Babashahabi, Sara Baqeri, Ali Bani Amer, Masoud Rousta, Farhad Qotbi, Mahboubeh Kabir, Ali Zamani and Hanieh Hashemi are the cast. 

The play will be staged until March 5 at the venue, located at Ostad Shahriar St., Hafez Avenue


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