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'Saz-o Sama' by Rabo Band

A scene from the performanceA scene from the performance

A choreography performance by Rabo Band will be staged at Tehran Independent Theater Hall on February 25. 

Titled 'Saz-o Sama', the show as part of the 'Saturday Nights’ series will present a combination of music and performance, spiced up with modernized classic poetry by ancient Persian poets such as Hafez (1325-1389) and Rumi (1207-1273). 

Harmonic performance synchronized with lyrics and music will bring out the band's brilliant capabilities, Honaronline reports.

Sama (literally meaning listening) is a ceremony performed by practitioners of Sufism. The ritual often includes singing, playing instruments, dancing of poetry and prayers, wearing symbolic attire. It represents a mystical journey of man's spiritual ascent through mind and love to perfection. 

Besides three Sama performers, Navid Siadat, Asef Javdanfar and Alireza Moradzad, the band's musicians include Davoud Qanbari (percussionist), Amir Farzaneh (flute player), Amitis Ivani (acoustic guitar player), Ahmad Javaheri (violist), Mohammad Asadi (bass guitar player) and Aref Ivani (drummer).

Rabo band started professional work on experimental and fusion music genres with the purpose of introducing Old Persian literature and its concepts to the new generation. The show starts at 10 pm.

'Saturday Nights' series, designed and managed by Reza Dadouei and presented by Mehdi Mohammadkhani, aims to provide support for new experiences in different fields of art. Currently the program is in its third series.    

The theater hall is located at No. 50, Razi St., Valiasr Crossroad. 

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