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Durrenmatt’s Radio Play Staged

Durrenmatt’s Radio Play StagedDurrenmatt’s Radio Play Staged

‘One Evening in Late Autumn,’ a play written by Swiss author and dramatist Friedrich Durrenmatt (1921-1990) is underway at Drama Hall in Tehran until March 3.

The play was translated into Persian by film and theater director and translator Hamid Samandarian (1931-2012). Theater director Mahmoud Yousefi has directed the show, Honaronline reported.

“Durrenmatt’s plays have both depth and attraction. As for the current play, I was first attracted to the plot. Being a mystery, it starts with a question, and creates suspense for the audiences,” Yousefi said.

A literary work, it is based on a detective story about a celebrated crime writer and his new novel. A detective finds some similarities between the writer’s novels and a series of murders that have happened.

“Durrenmatt’s works have unique structures. His vast and universal view of the human being is evident in this particular play, and that’s why I picked it for the stage.”

Basically a radio play it has been aired several times, but still has great potential for theater stage.

“However, as the script lacked sufficient stage-worthy visual elements, we had to introduce some changes. I was reluctant to digress too much from the original text. Our performance is contained within the original script, as is our décor design. The stage is in fact a radio studio,” Yousefi added.

Mir Nader Mazloumi, Saeed Ahmadi and Tohid Ghaffari are the cast.

The 45-minute play starts at 7 pm. Drama Hall is located at No. 2, 1st Dead-end, Zohal Alley, Labafinejad Street, South Felestin (Palestine) Street, Enqelab Avenue. 

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