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Veteran Composer Dehlavi to Be Honored

Veteran Composer Dehlavi to Be Honored
Veteran Composer Dehlavi to Be Honored

Iranian music composer and conductor, Hossein Dehlavi will be honored in a ceremony dedicated to him and his works, announced deputy cultural minister for art affairs Ali Moradkhani, during a meeting with artists on his birthday.

The ceremony to praise Dehlavi's lifetime contribution to Persian music will include speeches to honor the artist and performances of some pieces composed by him, Honaronline reported. Moradkhani conveyed greetings to the artist from Minister for Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati and recalled fond memories of the days when Dehlavi conducted the Persian Fine Arts Administration Orchestra in Vahdat opera house.

Soosan Aslani, Dehlavi's wife and famous Santur player presented the deputy minister with some of her published works on teaching Santur instrument. Advisor to minister and head of ministry’s public relations and information center, Babak Darbeiki, deputy counselor for artistic affairs, Hassan Mehrjerdi, and managing director of Veteran Artists Organization, Abbas Azimi accompanied Moradkhani during his visit.

Dehlavi was born in 1927 in Tehran and studied composition at the Tehran Conservatory of Music. He studied Persian music with Abolhassan Saba and from 1957 to 1967 was the principal conductor of the Persian Fine Arts Administration Orchestra.

For ten years, Dehlavi was the director and professor at the Persian National Music Conservatory in Tehran. In 1992, with the cooperation of nearly 70 players of Persian instruments, Dehlavi established the Plectrum Orchestra. His works include several pieces for Persian instruments and orchestra, voice and orchestra, choir and orchestra, and three operas.