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Documentary Series on Zayandehroud

Documentary Series on Zayandehroud Documentary Series on Zayandehroud

A documentary series on Zayandehroud, the largest river in the Iranian Plateau, is being produced in collaboration with 12 documentarians.

The series titled ‘Symphony of Zayandehroud’ comprises 12 episodes, each directed by a different director, ISNA reported.

Veteran documentarian Manouchehr Moshiri, 65, is advisor to the joint project. Seyed Mohsen Tabatabaee, the producer, is a professional in both documentaries and feature films. 

Among the directors, Nafiseh Toutouni is making the episode ‘I Am Happy with You Zayandehroud;’ Hashem Mortazavian is working on ‘The River that Builds’ (in Persian: ‘Sazandehroud’); Jamal Oskoui on ‘Ice Caves;’ Farshad Ahmadi on ‘Melodies of the Bridge;’ Ezzatollah Parvazeh on ‘O Positive, O Negative;’ and Farhad Bordbar on ‘The People on the Bridge.’

The other episodes are: ‘Water-Born’ by Mohammad Mahmoudi; ‘Women of the Wetland’ by Shohreh Sajjadieh; ‘Travelogues’ by Ali Jafari; and ‘Two Rivers’ by and Mohammad Ghazi.’ 

Rasoul Enteshari is directing ‘Zayandehroud’s Children’ and Abouzar Masaeli is directing the episode ‘The Photographers on the Sidelines of Zayandehroud.’

The river starts in the Zard-Kuh subrange of the Zagros Mountains in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, flows 400 km eastward before ending in the Gavkhouni swamp, a seasonal salt lake, southeast of Isfahan city. 

In Isfahan the most famous bridges Si-o-Seh Pol and Khajoo have been built over the huge but shallow river, which used to have significant water flow all year long in the past, but today mostly runs dry due to excessive water extraction before reaching the city as well as the long dry spell due to inadequate rainfall over several years.

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