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Spreading Awareness Through ‘Silent Protesters’

Spreading Awareness Through ‘Silent Protesters’ Spreading Awareness Through ‘Silent Protesters’

A pile of sawn pieces of wood stand by the roadside leading to the Wooden Mosque in Mohammadabad village near Neyshabur city, Khorasan Razavi Province, in silent protest against tree cutting and charcoal production.

Environmental artist Asieh Mohammadian, 32, a native of Neyshabur, has arranged the wood pieces and logs of fallen trees, who are the “silent protesters” to create awareness about the indiscriminate exploitation of local plantations, ISNA reported.

“The arrangement of the tree pieces is a symbolic protest and to give a warning to the society. The pieces have been collected from around the villages of Neyshabur. The trees are indeed felled to make charcoal,” complained Mohammadian, who is head of the Graphic Art Department and faculty member of Samen University in Neyshabur. 

“The arrangement is in an open space to draw the attention of the people and media alike. The site may have some visitors, but the real impact of environmental arts is conveyed through the internet and online media.”

She says there are some “animistic traits” in her arrangement. 

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