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Philosophy of Science Simplified

Masoud Khayam
Masoud Khayam

Iranian author, researcher and translator Masoud Khayam, 69, has simplified the philosophy of science in his latest book ‘Half Glimpse: from Aristotle to Heisenberg.’

“The book reviews science, philosophy and philosophy of science from the earliest recorded documents to contemporary time, with both historical and scientific approaches. The work expounds on philosophy of science in simple language,” Khayam told ISNA.

He quotes Aristotle who said: “To write well, think like a wise man, but express yourself like common people.”

It is a hard task to act the first part, but “I tried to follow the second and used simple mathematics and logic in doing so.”

The chapter dealing with Aristotle explains about physics, ontology, logic, rhetoric, poetry, metaphysics and psychology. Another chapter of the book includes the reaction of other philosophers and thinkers, including Islamic philosophers, to Aristotle’s remarks.

Next, follows a chapter dealing with the concepts involving quantum theories, where the concepts introduced by Abert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, David Hilbert, Enrico Fermi and Werner Heisenberg are included. 

“In the final chapter, I have explained about where we stand now and what events have happened across the world,” Khayam said.

The book received publishing permit from the Culture Ministry without “even a single word being censored. It is not the way it used to be. They used to batter the books” at one time, Khayam added.

Released by Neshaneh Publication, the work in 248 pages includes chapters on Aristotle, mathematical logic, quantum mechanics and a chapter titled ‘Rider of the Wandering Space Sled.’ 

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