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Tourism Expo Reinforcing Foundations of Diversity

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A detail from the poster of the 10th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition
A detail from the poster of the 10th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition

The 10th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition opened Monday in the presence of Zahra Ahmadipour, head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization. 

Speaking at the ceremony, she said the exhibition will display Iran as the “land of diversity” and civilization which enables it to enhance all sectors of its tourism industry. 

“The expo is being held at a time when Iran is enjoying stability and security, which along with the government’s moderate approach to politics and preference for dialogue, has made it possible to connect with the world through diplomacy,” she said. 

President Hassan Rouhani’s government “is determined to use the potentials of tourism to promote peace and security in the region and the ICHHTO has aligned its priorities with this government policy.  

“I hope that Iran will soon be known worldwide as a popular tourist destination,” said Ahmadipour.  

Also present at the ceremony was Morteza Rahmani Movahed, the organization’s tourism deputy, who expressed hope that the exhibition will help “spread the message of peace, friendship and cooperation to the world, especially neighboring countries”.

Minister for Islamic Culture and Guidance Reza Salehi Amiri also highlighted the country’s diverse cultural capacities. 

Highlighting Iran’s cultural diversity, Salehi Amiri said it can be used to promote the holiday industry and generate revenue.

  Need for Sustainable Sources 

Iran is known worldwide because of its oil as well as rich culture, he recalled, noting that the country “will not be able to reach its goal of sustainable development by relying only on oil export.”  

Developing the potential of cultural heritage and handicrafts can help the country move toward greener and sustainable sources of income, he said. Echoing Ahmadipour and Movahed, Amiri said Iran’s security, hospitality and cultural and climatic diversity can and should help realize its tourism potential.

“Cultural diplomacy is best manifested through tourism and the government has prepared the ground for the development of the sector by pushing for the nuclear agreement with the world powers,” he said, referring to the landmark nuclear deal between Tehran and the six major world powers signed in July 2015.  

The 10th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition is being held over an area of 40,000 square meters in 11 halls and nine categories for four days (Feb 6-9) at Tehran’s Permanent Fairgrounds. 

Over 60 companies from 21 countries and 400 Iranian firms are attending the expo themed “See Iran Differently.”

Tourism Ministers of Lebanon and South Africa as well as delegations from Turkey, Russia, Armenia and several other countries attended the opening ceremony. 

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