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Conceptual Art Exhibit in May

Conceptual Art Exhibit in MayConceptual Art Exhibit in May

Iranian graphic designer and painter Mostafa Asadollahi, 67, will organize the second edition of ‘Conceptual Accessories Group Exhibition’ in May.

He curated the first edition of the exhibit at Tehran’s Atbin Gallery last October which featured the works of 60 jewelers and ornament designers. The exhibit was held on the occasion of Tehran Day (Oct. 5) and was meant to reflect artists’ views of the capital, Honaronline reported.

But Asadollahi was not satisfied with the show. “I strongly believe that the exhibit failed to render a conceptual presentation of Tehran as would have been expected. For the next edition though, participants should focus more on the conceptual aspect,” he said.

The second edition will deal with social concerns. “I’ve always asked myself what makes things fashionable overnight in our country. The purpose of the exhibit is in fact to counter all those things that suddenly become trendy in our society and obsess the young generation.”

For the upcoming event, Asadollahi will collaborate with a smaller number of artists, possibly less than 10. He aims to achieve quality in the presented works.


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