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Grisham’s ‘Gray Mountain’ Still Best-Seller

Grisham’s ‘Gray Mountain’ Still Best-Seller Grisham’s ‘Gray Mountain’ Still Best-Seller

American Author John Grisham held on to the No. 1 spot on the US best-seller list on for two consecutive weeks with his newest book ‘Gray Mountain’, released earlier this month.

Data from independent and chain bookstores, book wholesalers and independent distributors across the United States is used to compile the list, Reuters reported.

In its third week of publication, the book is still among the top selling books not only in the US but in Canada as well, occupying the fourth place in the author’s homeland and third in the neighbor country.

In ‘Gray Mountain’, mega-selling author John Grisham throws a hardball at the environmental atrocities perpetuated by an industry ‘Big Coal’ on one section of the US.

He explores the process of mountaintop removal, currently the most popular method of mining coal in the US, and its disastrous aftermath that not only destroys the land but eventually the water supply, leaving a legacy of death and disease, and points out how Big Coal’s big bucks in the impoverished areas of Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia equal political control, neuters environmental regulators and sways popular opinion. He also exposes the heinous practices of the fellow traveler law firms that fight to keep miners from their rightful medical benefits.

Although this indictment against Big Coal is the predominant theme, Grisham varies his pitches with a generic expose of injustices against the poor everywhere. As a legal aid lawyer, his protagonist deals with a system of court fees and fines that amounts to a modern-day debtor’s prison; unscrupulous debt collectors who use the system to garnish even the poorest worker’s pay; and feuding families, shredded by violence, drugs and greed, that have nowhere else to go.

Critics have been on Grisham, saying he is losing his touch, but fans will find that with ‘Gray Mountain’ he still can deliver a high fast one. John Grisham