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Islamic Media Network Essential

Islamic Media Network EssentialIslamic Media Network Essential

The Islamic Conference of Information Ministers (ICIM) is a suitable opportunity to establish an Islamic media network, a member of the Assembly of Experts and Leader’s representative in Fars Province Ayatollah Asadollah Imani said on Saturday.

All Islamic countries, especially Iran, believe in the establishment of an independent media network for Islamic states, which is not in any way dependent on the western media networks, IRNA reported.

“Western media work hard to safeguard the interests of western governments, but we should present a different definition in line with the policies and interests of the Muslim World,” he said.

He stated that the western media are “currently involved in shaping the world public opinion, to suit their interests.”

Information ministers of Islamic countries will meet December 3-4 in Tehran. The meeting of the 10th ICIM experts will be held on December 1.