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A scene from ‘Form and Color’A scene from ‘Form and Color’

Infants now have their own seats among the audiences at Theater Center of the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA) in Tehran at its latest play.

Infants between 6 and 16 months, accompanied by their parents, can sit around a colorful stage and watch the play ‘Form and Color,’ written, designed and directed by theater director and puppet designer Fahimeh Mirza Hosseini.

The idea of the pilot play project, performed for the first time at the Theater Center, was introduced by author, playwright and screenwriter Atousa Shamlou, who is among the experts at the IIDCYA.

“In the past years, parents referred to us and asked for certain plays specialized for infants,” IRNA quoted Shamlou as saying.

“The practice is routine in other countries for a long time, and has recently been recognized in Iran,” she added.

About what goes on at the play, she said, “Thespians portray a 24-hour lifecycle. On the stage, there are cubes, as well as round and triangular objects in bright colors. They are the accessories of the play given to the infants” to encourage an interaction.

The play is based on some principles of child psychology, taking into account the behavior of infants in reaction to different colors. “The rehearsal took one and half months before the play was finalized,” Shamlou added.

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