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Play on Refugees Touring Europe

A scene from ‘On Which Wind Will You Ride?’  A scene from ‘On Which Wind Will You Ride?’

‘On Which Wind Will You Ride?’ a modern Iranian drama written by Jamal Hashemi and directed by Kamal Hashemi, will be staged in Belgium on January 27 and 28, as part of its European tour.

The tour began on January 3 in Arras, France, and two performances were held on January 5-6, Mehr News Agency reported.

It was also staged in two other French cities, Marseille on January 12-13, and Mulhouse on January 17-18, with two performances in each.

In Brussels it will be performed at the Center for Fine Arts, often referred to as Bozar, from 8:30-9:30 pm on both days. 

Hashemi says it is about five refugees who are hiding in a forest on the border between two countries, and are faced with many obstacles while trying to find their way to the destined country.

“The border area is blurred and uncertain, symbolizing hell. They speak in whispers, but their inner voices are loud and clear,” says the director, who has also designed the lighting, about the play. It has not yet been staged in Iran.

The cast members are Kazem Sayyahi, Mohammad Abbasi, Shiva Fallahi, Sonia Sanjari and Hamed Nejabat.

Hashemi, 41, grew up in Shiraz, Fars Province. He is an author, actor, filmmaker and theatre director. In 1995 he joined the Mehr Theater Group. In 2006 he wrote the play ‘It’s a Good Day to Die’ about the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war. The earthquake in Bam inspired him to write ‘Half-Open Doors.’ 


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