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Meeting on Symbology of Inscriptions and Potteries

An inscription in Yazd Jameh MosqueAn inscription in Yazd Jameh Mosque

The symbolism of old Iranian inscriptions and potteries made in the Islamic era will be discussed at the Handicrafts Department of Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) in Tehran on January 23.

Linguist, semiotician and historian Ahmad Pakatchi, 53, and author, archaeologist and symbologist Firouz Mahjour, both from the University of Tehran, will attend the meeting to unfold some mysteries in historical artifacts, inscriptions, gravestones and architectural symbols, IRNA reported.

The debate will focus on inscriptions and potteries. In addition to their aesthetic value, inscriptions serve as a bridge between individuals and collective cultures dominant in local communities. They have a significant role in guiding people and granting meaning to their lives.

The meeting on ‘Symbology of Iranian Islamic Inscriptions and Potteries’ is a response to the lack of genuine inscriptions and symbols in the distinct field of handicrafts. 

Inscriptions introduce additional concepts and meaning to handicrafts. The potential of this medium has been left untapped for nearly a century, and the event seeks to revive the traditional practice of inscribing on potteries and designs.

The meeting, a prelude for the national inscribing competition to be held later, is scheduled from 2-4 pm at ICHHTO premises located at the intersection of Azadi Avenue and South Zanjan Street.  


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