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Two Iranians Win Taipei Design Award

Two Iranians Win Taipei Design AwardTwo Iranians Win Taipei Design Award

Two Iranian designers are among the 2014 Taipei International Design Award winners announced earlier this month.

The contest this year attracted 3,077 entries from 65 countries vying for a total of 75 prizes, competing in three different categories of designing: Industrial Design, Visual Communication, and Public Space, Honaronline reported.

Participating in the Visual Communication category, Seyyed Mehdi Mousavi’s work titled ‘26th Tehran Book Fair’ won one of the five Judges’ Special Awards, worth $500. Also Fatemeh M. Maklavani’s work under the name of ‘Saadi Shirazi’ received a distinction from the jury. Visual Communication included designs of digital graphic creations, identity, posters, packaging and publications.

The Taipei award is by all means a full-fledged global competition. The number of participating countries grew by 150% from the year before. More specifically, there were 890 works in the Industrial Design category, 1,911 in Visual Communication Design, and 276 in Public Space Design. The award-winning works were exhibited at the Taipei Arena.

This year, the competition invited more designers than ever before. In all design submissions, there was a growing trend of thoughtful designs centered on social welfare.

The winning designs ranged from humanities-centric, creative lifestyle design, social issues to interactive space design.

This contest encourages using design to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural development of cities by providing people a safer, harmonious, and more convenient lifestyle.