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Documentary on Iranian Harp

Documentary on Iranian HarpDocumentary on Iranian Harp

‘Parsyad’, a documentary on the revival of the Iranian harp (Persian: Chang) produced by Hamed Koljei, premiered in Iran Artists Forum last Tuesday.

Koljei, the director, told Mehr news agency that he was always interested in making documentary films and he tries to promote music in all his works.

As he lived in Qazvin city, Koljei was familiar with its mystics and artists such as Aref Qazvini and Eqbal Azar and thus was able to make the film.

Inspired by Shokri’s project to rebuild ‘Choghamish’ (Iranian harp) as one of the priceless heritages of ancient Iran and symbol of Iranian music, Hamed Koljei started investigating in the history of the stringed instrument.

“It was meant to be a documentary on restoration of Iranian harp by musician Seifollah Shokri, but research took us in a different direction. We finally ended up making a documentary on the history of Iranian harp”, he said.

Parsyad was the name of the first World Olympiad for Urban Design, held in Persepolis, Fars Province in 2008 and was organized by the International Art and Architecture Research Association (IAARA) under the auspices of UN-HABITAT. The ‘Choghamish’ was to be presented at the Olympiad but it was later unveiled and handed to the UN representative in a brief ceremony in Qazvin.