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Subconscious Fears Explored in Yasrebi’s Play ‘Night’

A scene from the playA scene from the play

Renowned theater director and playwright Chista Yasrebi is staging a new play “Night” at Tehran City Theater until January 20.

The play in two parts is a psychological excursion into a frightful incident that takes place between a mother and her daughter.

“It revolves around associations, memories, fears and nightmares that have consumed the people in the story,” says Yasrebi, who holds a PhD in psychology from University of Toronto in Canada, Honaronline reported.

“I call the play psychological excursion because it has to do with what goes on inside a person’s unconscious mind when faced with their own fears,” she says without giving away the punch line of the story.

The play incorporates Sigmund Freud’s division of the mind which categorizes it into three levels of conscious, subconscious, and unconscious which working together create the reality as we know it, as Freud,  the Austrian neurologist best known for developing the theories and techniques of psychoanalysis, puts it.

“Freud believed that only one-third of the human existence is aware or conscious, like the tip of an iceberg. I have tried to bring out the hidden parts of the human consciousness,” says Yasrebi.

The story takes along the viewers to witness how a mother and daughter cope with the awful experience involving them, with their worst personal fears unfolding before their eyes.

In addition to writing and directing the performance, Yasrebi, 48, who is a mother herself, plays in the lead role.

Winner of the best leading performance at Russia’s Classical Plays Festival in 2010 for a remake of ‘Crime and Punishment’, she says the role is difficult for her for two reasons: firstly, she is not an actor and had to replace another actor at the last minute; secondly, the character is far removed from her own personality.

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