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Comic Strip on Ancient Persian Commanders

Comic Strip on Ancient Persian Commanders
Comic Strip on Ancient Persian Commanders

Four volumes of a comic strip book series ‘Famous Commanders of Iran’ have been published by Khorasan Cultural and Artistic Institute in Iran.

Written by Mahmoud Barabadi and illustrated by Saeid Razaghi, the titles are the first four of a 10-volume series which introduce the bravery and achievements of renowned Persian heroes and commanders in ancient times to children and young adult readers, ISNA reported.

‘Ariobarzanes, the Persian Hero’, ‘Surena, the Tireless Commander’, ‘Bahram Chobin, a Hero from Rey’ and ‘Tahir Dhul-Yaminayn, a Commander with Two Swords’ are the books released.

Ariobarzanes (368-330 BC) was an Achaemenid prince and a Persian military commander who led a last stand of the Persian army at the Battle of the Persian Gate against Macedonian King Alexander the Great in the winter of 330 BC.

Surena (84-53 BC) was a Parthian commander best known for defeating the Romans in the Battle of Carrhae.

Bahram Chobin was famous during the late sixth-century Iran. He took the throne from the Sasanian king Khosrow II, ruling for a year as Bahram VI until he died in 591.

Tahir Dhul-Yaminayn (775-822) was general and governor during the Abbasid caliphate. His real name was Tahir ibn Hussain; however, as he was capable of fighting with a sword with both hands, he was nicknamed Dhul-Yaminayn meaning ambidextrous.

Barbadi, 64, is a board member of Iranian Association of Writers for Children and Youth. He has published many books for children and young adults, written movie scripts and won awards as well. One of his works ‘The Short-Legged Water Drum’ has been translated into Mandarin and Korean.

Razaghi, 50, is an illustrator who has cooperated with different publishers for over 30 years and has contributed to improving the quality of comic strips in Iran.


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