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Agheli’s Sculptures Appraise Social Behavior

A view of the exhibits
A view of the exhibits

Iranian sculptor Ghodratollah Agheli, 48, has reflected his social views in a critical way at his latest exhibition.

‘The Peculiarity of Creatures’ (in Persian, ‘Ajayeb-ol-Khalayeq’) showcases Agheli’s works at Tehran’s Sareban Gallery, located at No. 130, West Howeyzeh Street, North Sohrevardi Avenue.

The exhibition features 20 bronze-patinated sculptures in various dimensions. His latest creations are an appraisal of the social behavior he observes in daily life, Mehr News Agency reported.

“I’m always concerned about what goes on around me and in my society. Like my earlier works, the current collection reflects such concerns.”

The collection seeks “to portray the number of boundaries between people, and criticize some odd social behaviors,” the sculptor said.

His vision is reflected even in the arrangement of the works. One of the pieces can be seen hanging upside down from the ceiling to show there are people who maintain their stance [stubbornness] even when they’re turned upside down. When we look closely at some of our behaviors, we’ll find there is weirdness.”

A statement on the introduction to the exhibit reads, “Behavior changes over time and eventually some concepts replace their opposites like compassion with enmity; distance with proximity; familiarity with strangeness. Whatever it is, we get used to it.”

The exhibition opened on December 30 and will run through January 9. Visiting hours are from 4-8 pm.

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