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Eric KimEric Kim

In comparison with other areas of photography, there’s relatively little online about street photography. But a number of young photographers like Eric Kim, 28, are helping tackle this problem and build a solid community for street photographers.

Tehran-based Teesa Publications has put together four of Kim’s e-books on photography, in particular, the street version of the art, and released their Persian translations in one single book with four chapters, IBNA reported.

Photographers Shahin Ghaffari and Nima Rajabi have translated and edited his instructions on photography and presented them in the book titled ‘Street Photography with Eric Kim.’

“If you’re new to street photography, want to learn the fundamentals, or refresh your existing knowledge, try out techniques for yourself. Some of the approaches may or may not work. Ultimately you want to pursue your own vision of street photography.

There are no rights and wrongs in street photography; there is only the way you perceive it,” Kim says in the introduction to his e-book, ‘Street Photography 101: An Introduction to Street Photography.’

When he first started shooting street photography, he was focused on single images. “Trying to find more meaning in photography, I started to study photography books and learn from masters how to craft the stories that have narration and personal significance,” says Kim who is a street photographer since he was 18 years, and is based in Berkeley, California.

‘31 Days to Overcome Your Fear of Shooting Street Photography’ comprises the second chapter, and the third chapter is about ‘The Street Photography Project Manual.’ The final chapter of the book is on ‘ Social Media for Photographers.’

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