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Fusion Rock Concert at Azadi Tower

Fusion Rock Concert at Azadi TowerFusion Rock Concert at Azadi Tower

The fusion rock band of Ali Shams will perform an electro-acoustic concert on January 6, 2017 at Tehran's Azadi Tower.

At the upcoming event, the band will incorporate the sound of electric and acoustic guitars as well as that of trumpet into Iranian themes, Khabaronline reported. Iranian music will be combined with jazz elements in a performance that is said to be fusion rock.

The band is led by Ali Shams who will sing and play electric guitar and the piano at the show. He will use both classical and jazz techniques.  

Other members of the band include Reza Banaeenia on drums, Ashkan Shahrokh on electric guitar and Kioumars Talebi on bass guitar.

Mahan Mohammadi, the new member of the band will play the trumpet. In the arrangement of the featured pieces, the trumpet has replaced ney, the end blown Middle Eastern flute.  

Guest players at the event are percussionist Amir Shams, Pouria Ali Mirzaee on tambour and daf, and Pouria Asadi on acoustic guitar.

The upcoming repertoire includes 'Zaman' (Time), 'Khoub-e-Motlaq' (Absolute Good), 'Dalqak' (Clown) and 'Heeleh' (Deception) among others. The show is in two parts.

The pieces to be rendered have noticeable features of progressive rock, such as lengthy compositions, made up of shorter parts, intricate lyrics and use of unconventional instruments, wide dynamic ranges and solo renditions for each instrument.


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