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‘Nightingale of Gilan’ Set to Return in Rasht Concert

‘Nightingale of Gilan’ Set to Return in Rasht Concert
‘Nightingale of Gilan’ Set to Return in Rasht Concert

The ‘Nightingale of Gilan,’ Nasser Masoudi, returns to the stage at a music concert January 5-6, 2017 in Rasht, capital of Gilan Province.

After a hiatus of several years, composer and singer of Gilaki poems and songs Masoudi, 81, is set to appear at the Yadegar-Imam Cultural Complex with a group of young musicians on different instruments led by Master Mohammad Enshaee, player of kamancheh, the Iranian spike fiddle, IRNA reported.

Masoudi is the oldest living acclaimed singer in the Gilaki language, spoken in Gilan Province.

At the upcoming traditional concert, he will be accompanied by Farhad Yahyapour, player of ney, an end-blown Middle Eastern flute; Azarnoush Qolipour on santur; Mazdak Ziari on tar, Iman Eyni Khorasani on the stringed instrument oud; and Navid Shabanzadeh and Faraz Eshqi Sahraee on violin.

The other musicians in the orchestra are Danial Asadi Rad on viola; Keyvan Habibzadeh on cello; Kiarash Eshqi on the jingle frame drum of dayereh; and Aryan Qolipour on the Iranian goblet drum of tonbak.

Master Enshaee, who leads the ensemble, will play the kamancheh at the two-day concert.

Vocalists at the event who will sing along with Masoudi are Malahat Hadad, Samira Pasandideh, Taraneh Norouzi and Shima Pasandideh.

Masoudi has two new albums for release. One is titled ‘Hala Chera?’ (Why Now?), including pieces he has composed himself with Persian lyrics. The other album is ‘Khorshid Khanoum’ (Lady Sun), composed by composer and arranger Masoud Lahiji on a number of poems by the late Gilaki poet Shivan Foumani. Both albums are arranged by Iranian musician and composer Majid Derakhshani, 59.

The concert is organized under the auspices of Gilan Music Society. It will be held at Namjou Hall of Yadegar-Imam and features a selection of pieces from Masoudi’s old albums.


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