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Play Makes ‘Life’s Truth’ Easy for Kids

Play Makes ‘Life’s Truth’ Easy for KidsPlay Makes ‘Life’s Truth’ Easy for Kids

The Boostan hall at the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA), in Laleh Park, is hosting “Arkansaw Bear,” a play written by Aurand Harris and translated by Behzad Nejad-Ghanbar.

Mehdi Moqimi, director of the play, told Honaronline that his production “conveys the meaning and truths of life to children and young adults.”

Love and affection between children and their grandparents, the relationship between different generations and how the elderly influence the younger generations; lessons of life transferred from one generation to another, loss and gain, and many other different notions are among the subjects that “seem very simple and obvious, but most families avoid addressing them especially with their children,” Moqimi said.

‘Arkansaw Bear’ is delightfully theatrical, with music, magic and dance that is appealing to both children and family audiences.

He also said “the skilful use of audio and visual elements makes the play more enjoyable, apart from the deep contemplation over the messages underlying the story.” The comical performances and colorful lights create “a joyous time for the young audience.”

 Fantasy World

The play narrates the story of Tish, a young girl, who saddened and bewildered at her grandfather’s approaching death, runs to her “special tree.” There, in a world of fantasy provided by her wish on a star, she meets the world’s greatest dancing bear. He is old, like her grandfather, and is running away—from death. In trying to help him, she begins to understand the meaning of both life and death, which helps her to cope with her own sadness.  Aurand Harris was an American playwright who wrote 36 plays for children, estimated at the time of his death in 1996 to have been performed on over 30,000 occasions.

The play is on stage till January 17, 2015, at IIDCYA’s theater center every day, except Saturdays, at 6 pm.