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Religious, Cultural Beliefs Help Resolve Social Problems

Religious, Cultural Beliefs  Help Resolve Social ProblemsReligious, Cultural Beliefs  Help Resolve Social Problems

Most of the social problems faced today are deeply rooted in cultural issues; the more the fundamentals of culture and religious beliefs are promoted within nations, the better they can deal with social problems and find solutions, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati said on Tuesday (Nov 25) in a meeting with the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue (PCID).

Addressing the PCID delegation headed by Council President Cardinal Jean-Louis  Pierre Tauran in Tehran, Jannati said “the younger generation is facing serious challenges as it is disconnected from traditional customs.” He believed that the solution “is to depict for them a world full of beautiful, practical cultural beliefs.”

Pointing to the translation of religious texts “as a way to get to know each other better,” the minister added that “dialogue between religions can pave the way for greater cooperation between Islam and Christianity.”

Another way to help the two sides understand the two religions, in Jannati’s opinion, was through mutual visits at religious centers such as the Vatican in Europe and the Qom Seminary in Iran, the ministry’s public relations office announced.

Speaking on the issue of Takfiri movements, he said “since all the monotheistic religions follow the same goal, fighting extremists who have been slaughtering innocent people, is a necessity that the Islamic and Christian world can undertake hand in hand.”

Jannati also described the Christian community in Iran as peaceful and underlined that the ministry has close cooperation with the representatives of religious minorities in the parliament.

 Lacking Knowledge

Council President Jean-Louis attributed youth problems in the present era “to lack of information on customs, traditions, and religions, which has led them to a state of perplexity, even though the new generation is knowledgeable in many fields; and the way out is to consider religious issues in their everyday life.”

Calling Iran a “temple of culture,” Tauran, who hails from France, added, “today a lot of crimes are being committed in the name of Islam, which is not correct at all. This has given a wrong opinion of Islam to people who are not closely familiar with the religion. We should strive to fight the wrongdoings and revive the true faiths.”

The PCID is the central office of the Roman Catholic Church, in the Vatican, for promoting interreligious dialogue and mutual understanding, respect and collaboration between Catholics and the followers of others religious traditions; to encourage the study of religions; and to promote the formation of persons dedicated to dialogue. President Tauran assumed his position on  September 1, 2007.