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National Orchestra Preparing for Fajr Festival

Fereydoun Shahbazian rehearsing with Iran’s National OrchestraFereydoun Shahbazian rehearsing with Iran’s National Orchestra

Iran’s National Orchestra has started rehearsing for the 32nd edition of the Fajr International Music festival, the nation’s most prestigious music event to be held in Tehran from January 11-20, 2017.

The orchestra repertoire includes a number of compositions by Iranian composer Hussein Dehlavi, 89, as well as a selection of pieces from the two albums ‘Niloufaraneh’ (Like a Water Lily) and ‘Shour-e Eshq’ (Passion of Love) composed by conductor, flutist, and arranger Abbas Khoshdel, 85, and composer Fereydoun Shahbazian, 74, respectively, who is also the permanent conductor of the orchestra.

Iranian singer of pop and classical music Ali Reza Eftekhari, 58, will cooperate as vocalist. He is well-remembered for his performance in the album ‘Shour-e Eshq’ whose lyrics are composed by eminent Iranian poet Houshang Ebtehaj, 88. Eftekhari has also sung in ‘Niloufaraneh’, one of his most popular albums.

“The repertoire was selected last week, and the orchestra has started rehearsals,” Mehr News Agency quoted Shahbazian as saying.


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