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Nima Award Ceremony in Nowshahr

Nima Award Ceremony in NowshahrNima Award Ceremony in Nowshahr

The Nima National Award ceremony will be held in the port city of Nowshahr, in Mazandaran Province on January 5, on the death anniversary of Nima Youshij (1895-1960), founder of ‘New Poetry.’

This is the 7th edition of the award ceremony. Titled ‘The Night of Nima National Award’, it is a tribute to the great Persian and Tabarian poet, as well as innovative artists, and is organized by Nima Nowshahr Cultural Artistic NGO.

 “Artists in theater, music, poetry, filmmaking and visual arts will attend the event and will be honored for their notable works,” said Meysam Zandi, head of the Nowshahr-based NGO, in a meeting with local governor, Ali Shadman.

The award is aimed at preserving and promoting the cultural and literary heritage of the northern Mazandaran Province, the land where Youshij was born. “The event seeks to introduce to the young generations the way he pictured the world in his poetry,” also known as Nimaic poetry, Zandi said.

The award ceremony will be hosted by the central office of Mazandaran Ports and Maritime Organization, located at Langargah Square in Nowshahr.

Shadman stressed the role of innovation in artistic and literary creations as well as in non-artistic works. Without innovation, sustainable development can’t take place. “Having been an innovative poet, Nima could make a difference, bringing along a new language in poetry.”

The Nima national award is the most significant cultural event in Nowshahr. “Nima Youshij will always be remembered for his innovative approach. In such commemorations, future generations can be inspired by his dynamic mentality in their own endeavors,” Shadman said.

Nowshahr Municipality and the City Council, together with a number of local organizations, are cooperating in the event.

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