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‘A Night With Rumi’ in Tehran

‘A Night With Rumi’ in Tehran‘A Night With Rumi’ in Tehran

‘A Night with Rumi,’ a music performance has been organized for Sunday, December 18, at Arasbaran Cultural Center in Tehran.

The program comprising Turkish musicians is organized jointly under the auspices of the ECO Cultural Institute, headquartered in Tehran, and Yunus Emre Institute, a non-profit organization set up by the Turkish government and named after Turkish poet and mystic Yunus Emre (1238-1320).

A week-long Mowlana Festival (Dec. 10-17) commemorated the death anniversary of the 13th century Persian mystic poet Rumi, in Konya, Turkey, ISNA reported.

The Tehran program features a composition by Turkish musician Dervish Kocek Mustafa Dede in the maqam or musical mode (d. 1683) of Bayati or Bayat which is similar to a natural minor scale, and is often used in religious liturgies of the Middle East.

The featured piece is titled ‘Bayati Mevlevi Ayin-i Sherifi’ and will be performed by the Turkish music ensemble of Istanbul Mesk Grubu.

The program starts at 5:30 pm at Arasbaran located at Jolfa Street. The same performance will be repeated on Monday, December 19, at 6 pm at the ECO Cultural Institute, located at No. 10, Naz Alley, Movahed Danesh Street.

Other Turkish performers are Yusuf Ihsan Tokal on the long-necked string instrument tanbur and Erhan Bayram, on the bowed fiddle, kamancheh. Percussionist Ertugrul Inanc plays both kudum and daf. Muhammet Ali Turan will perform as vocalist and Mustafa Tabak plays the string instrument of Kanun with Onur Oner on the ney, an end-blown flute.

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