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Kavian Ensemble at Vahdat

Kavian music ensemble with raconteur Amir Sadeqi (center)
Kavian music ensemble with raconteur Amir Sadeqi (center)

Kavian music ensemble will perform a 3-piece concert titled ‘Arash the Archer’ on December 15 at Vahdat Hall in Tehran.

The concert is comprised of two parts. The first includes a long piece titled ‘Yad-e-Doust’ (Memory of a Friend) and a shorter one ‘Del-e-Fouladam’ (My Heart of Steel), a poem by Persian poet Nima Youshij (1895-1960),  who started ‘New Poetry’ also known as Nimaic poetry, said composer Hamid Soltanieh, who heads the ensemble.

All the pieces are composed by Soltanieh. He also has written the lyrics of Memory of a Friend, which is in fact a tribute to the late musician, composer and violinist Master Homayoun Khorram (1930-2013), Mehr News Agency reported.

The second part is dedicated to Arash the Archer, an epic poem composed in 1959 by Iranian poet, literary critic and novelist Siavash Kasrai (1927-1996). The poem is about a heroic archer in Iranian mythology who sacrificed his life for the territorial integrity of his country Iran.

“Arash the Archer is a long poem composed in New Poetry style. It is the third time Kavian music ensemble is performing the piece. The lead singer is vocalist and tar player Mostafa Maddahi,” Solatnieh said.

Maddahi will be accompanied by a choir with female singers Hourvash Khalili, Titra Abadi and Sara Ghafouri, and male singers Hamed Taherkhani and Hamid Soltanieh.

The raconteur of the piece is Amir Sadeqi, 65, an Iranian researcher in Shahnameh (Book of Kings), an epic poem by poet Ferdowsi (940-1020). Sadeqi dedicated 40 years of his life to researching the Book of Kings. He has founded and introduced a new style in narration and story-telling.


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