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Qasemi’s Water Play Underway at City Theater

Qasemi’s Water Play Underway at City TheaterQasemi’s Water Play Underway at City Theater

Theater director Mohammad Qasemi is performing his play based on true stories in a water pool.

‘The Bluest Celestial on Earth’, written, designed and directed by Qasemi, 37, is underway at Tehran’s City Theater.

The play opened on December 5 and will run through December 16, starting at 6 pm on all days except Saturdays, Mehr News Agency reported.

Due to technical reasons, the play is being staged at the theater’s rehearsal hall where the audience can have a three-dimensional view of the settings, a shallow pool of 20 sq meters, containing 4,000 liters of water.

The rehearsals took about 10 months. The play revolves around three autobiographies, telling the true stories of two women and one man and their watery deaths. One of them is a girl from Kobani in northern Syria. Another is aboard Iran Air Flight 655 (the passenger flight from Tehran to Dubai that was shot down by a US navy-guided missile on July 3, 1988, martyring 290 passengers). The third one drowns in a bath tub while having an epileptic seizure.

“The three accounts are documented and the audiences will be touched by the reality of the stories,” Qasemi said.

“We have also a narration about the son of an old woman from Malayer,” in Hamedan Province. He was a diver slain in the Iraq-Iraq 1980-88 war.

Qasemi has a role in the play. Other cast members are Pari Barani and Delaram Torki. 

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