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Artists Want ‘Art Channel’ on IRIB

Artists Want ‘Art Channel’ on IRIBArtists Want ‘Art Channel’ on IRIB

An art-specific channel is a long-sought request of the Iranian artistic society, a demand which has again come to the forefront “now that the head of the state-owned IRIB has changed.”

Having a platform in the electronic media is no doubt vital to art and culture personalities to convey their ideas and messages to the public, Honaronline reports.

Jalil Rasouli, a veteran artist spoke of a separate art and culture channel as “a must-have” and said art experts in various areas of painting, sculpting, calligraphy, etc. could collaborate “as presenters and reporters.” In this way the strengths and weaknesses of the artists could be mirrored and improved. Progress and achievements in artistic society occur when research on different subjects are carried out.

Highlighting the role of art in elevating the cultural-intellectual level of the society, Rasouli said for people to include art in their daily life needs long term plans and perseverance. An exclusive TV channel on art can help get them accustomed to art and culture on a daily basis.

He considered “exclusiveness of art to a certain class of the society” as a major drawback and said to introduce art and artists to the people is a “valuable task.”

Rasouli also called for further focus on visual arts as, compared to cinema and theater, they have been less publicized.

 Addressing Music

Chairman of the board of directors at Iran House of Music, Mohammad Sarir, believes that music, as well as other forms of art, needs to be addressed specifically in an art channel “to further connect with the public audience.”

To present art in IRIB, “an expert view, a precise plan, and long term programming is essential,” he stressed.

Yadollah Samadi, film director, is another advocate of an art channel and states that it should have been established a very long time ago.

The director of “The Delight of the Flight” on the life and martyrdom of Brigadier General Abbas Babaei, said the lack of a specific art channel is conspicuous amidst various channels like “Bazaar, Sports and others.”

Apart from a separate channel, art needs to be part of and contribute to every other channel’s programs as well; especially in provincial channels as they are the strongest links with people all across the country, Samadi noted.

Masoud Delkhah, theater director, actor and university professor, is of the belief that art, particularly theater, has been vastly neglected in television during the past years.

While emphasizing that no other media can strongly influence people’s values like television, he added that the new IRIB incumbent can initiate the trend by “giving art and culture a more powerful voice.” Broadcasting high quality movies, plays, music, and programs on visual arts, positively impacts the audience.

Delkhah noted that society should regard art as a spiritual necessity and cautioned that to eliminate or disregard art “will cause harm; nurturing it will help address many social issues.”