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Persian Award-Winning Illustrations in Book

Persian Award-Winning Illustrations in BookPersian Award-Winning Illustrations in Book

A Persian children’s book with award-winning illustrations has been released in the market. 

The book titled ‘Man Yek Gavazn Boudam’ (I Was a Deer) is written by children’s story writer Ahmad Akbarpour, 45, and illustrated by Narges Mohammadi, 38. It is published by Tehran’s Ofoq publishing house.  “The book is among the few works where illustrations come before the words. I actually wrote the story later on the basis of the given images,” ISNA quoted Akbarpour, the writer, as saying.

The illustrations in a picture book titled ‘Deer Hunter’ won Mohammdi the 2009 CJ Picture Book Award in Korea. They also won prizes at Ilustrarte 2009, a Portuguese biennale of children’s book illustration, and the 2014 Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival in the UAE. 

The back cover of the newly-released book reads: “The wounded deer is fleeing the king’s hunting party. On its way, the deer comes across the king himself. He has fallen down from his horse, the straps of the harness still tangled in tree branches. Like the deer, the king is also wounded.”

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