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Sami Yusuf to Perform in Dubai for First Time

Sami Yusuf to Perform in Dubai for First TimeSami Yusuf to Perform in Dubai for First Time

The famous Muslim singer-songwriter Sami Yusuf will perform in Dubai for the first time at Dubai Opera House on December 16.

The one-night concert will feature the performance of Yusuf’s new compositions and greatest hits, Honaronline reported.

Born in Tehran, Yusuf, 36, is of Iranian-Azarbaijani descent. He grew up in London from the age of three.

In addition to being a singer-songwriter, he is a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist as well. He can play santoor, piano, violin, oud, setar, tar, and daf. He also sings in several languages including English, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Azeri, Malay and Urdu.

In his fourth and sixth albums ‘Salaam’ (2012) and ‘Songs of the Way’ (2015), he collaborated with his father Babak Radmanesh, an Iranian composer, for the first time.

The father and son also reunited in Radmanesh’s first album as a singer ‘Oh Heart’ which was released in Iran last year. In the track ‘Dryer Land’, Radmanesh sings in Persian and Sami accompanies him in English.

Yusuf released his seventh album ‘Barakah’ in February. Since the first album ‘The Teacher’ in 2003, millions of copies of his albums have been sold worldwide.

He has been involved in several humanitarian initiatives and performed in many charity concerts. His works, mostly thematizing Islamic subjects are popular with music fans of different nations.

Although he has held concerts in many countries including Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, he has not performed in Iran yet.

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