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Eulogist Moazzenzadeh Dies

Salim Moazzenzadeh-ArdebiliSalim Moazzenzadeh-Ardebili

The renowned Iranian ‘maddah’ (eulogist) Salim Moazzenzadeh-Ardebili passed away on Tuesday, November 22, at the age of 80.

He died of heart disease in his hometown of Ardebil in the northwestern Ardebil Province, ISNA reported.

Born into a religious family, Salim was blessed with a good voice like his father and four brothers, which they all used to promote the virtues and sufferings of the Fourteen Infallibles, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his daughter Fatima Zahra (SA) and the 12 Imams, on different occasions especially during the mourning ceremonies of Muharram.

His father, the late Sheikh Abdul-Karim, was the first muezzin - a person who recites Azan (call to prayer) - at Iran radio almost 70 years ago.

His younger brother Rahim (1925-2005) was also a prominent muezzin whose famous Azan has been registered in the list of national intangible heritage and can still be heard from state radio and TV.

Salim spent over 60 years performing religious mourning ceremonies in Persian, Arabic and Turkish. Over 2500 cassette tapes and CDs of his programs have been recorded.

His exceptional ability in giving eulogies and reciting Azan and the holy Qur’an made him one the most prominent people in the field.

He believed that his voice was a God-given grace and dedicated it to Imam Hussein (AS), the third Imam of Shia Muslims. Last year, during a ceremony of Eid Ghadir in Ardebil, Salim expressed his wish to be buried at the site of Imam Reza’s (AS) holy shrine in Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi Province.  


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