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Yaqoubi’s ‘The Moon in Water’ at Baran Theater

A scene from the playA scene from the play

Prolific theater director, playwright and film maker Mohammad Yaqoubi is staging his realistic play ‘The Moon in Water’ at Tehran’s Baran Theater.

The play opened November 13 and will run through December 9 daily at 8:30 pm, according to the website of Tiwall (

With its complicated, lively and convincing characters, the cleverly written drama questions modern humans in their ordinary family interactions. Family relationships take a distance from simplicity and are eventually caught in deep complexities.

The characters are played by Ayda Keykhaee, Nahid Moslemi, Mehdi Koushki, Baran Vaqar-Kashani, Ahou Shahsavan, Fahimeh Amnzadeh, Pedram Sharifi and Ali Sarabi.

The cast is faced with sensitive, challenging roles, which they perform in harmony. Baran, one of the characters, talks about a woman named Aysouda who tells the story of a past life. Her story is about a man and a woman standing by the water. One is looking up at the moon, the other looking down at its reflection on the water.

The Moon in Water is a Buddhist analogy symbolizing enlightenment and emptiness, frequently sought and referred to in the play.

Due to his realistic works based on social issues, Yaqoubi, 49, is considered among writers as one concerned about the routine events in everyday life.

His language is frank and sometimes brief. He finds dubious aspects in social phenomena and highlights them on stage. His play ‘Winter 66’ deals with war. Other plays ‘Heart of the Dog’, ‘Dance of Scrap Papers’ and ‘One Minute Silence’ are about the crimes in his society. In ‘Writing in the Dark’, he expounds the aftermath of a presidential election.

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