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‘Rira’s Stories’ for Kids

‘Rira’s Stories’ for Kids‘Rira’s Stories’ for Kids

The production process of the first and second phases of the animated series titled ‘Rira’s Stories’ continues and experience gained in the first phase has been applied in the second phase to upgrade the quality of new episodes, director Babak Nazari said.

Providing children with fresh educational experiences has been one of the major achievements of ‘Rira’s Stories’. The main aim has been to go beyond hackneyed educational clichés and thus avoid direct didactic messages. For today’s bright children to be able to relate, the character of the toddler Rira evolves as she experiences her surroundings,” Fars News Agency reported.

The visual details and backgrounds are among the important elements of the show, Nazari, who has also worked on the series titled ‘Shekarestan’, said. Children’s tastes have been studied and the compositions and color palettes have been designed in a creative context. The minimal settings prevent confusion and help children focus on the story line rather than getting distracted by unnecessary background details.

In each episode two to three musical pieces are featured. The harmony between the music and settings creates a gentle mood and leaves a long-lasting effect.

Produced by Saba Animation Center ‘Rira’s Stories’ is a cutout animation being produced in 104 episodes. In the first phase 60 nine-minute episodes were made. The series is broad cast on Pooya Channel.