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Farhangi’s New Book to Be Unveiled Today

Farhangi’s New Book to Be Unveiled TodayFarhangi’s New Book to Be Unveiled Today

‘Nonverbal Communications’, a book by master of communication and media management Professor Ali Akbar Farhangi has been published by the Tehran-based Meydanchi Publication.

Farhangi’s latest work is to be unveiled today, November 14, at Media Cultural Center in Tehran, affiliated to the Cultural and Art Organization of Tehran Municipality.

The unveiling ceremony starts at 10 am and is open to all enthusiasts. The center is located at Qoba Square, Nateq-Nouri Street, Golnabi Street, Pasdaran Avenue, Azad News Agency reported.

Nonverbal Communications explores the art of using sounds and gestures in communication.

Several years ago, Farhangi had written an earlier edition of the book to be used by his students as academic material. It was written hastily, he said, so later in 2006, he decided to revise and expand the contents.

Farhangi, 74, was born in Taleqan, Alborz Province. He studied different academic majors like literature, religious sciences, linguistics, sociology, economy and communications.

He holds a postdoctoral degree in human interactions and a PhD in communications from Ohio University in the US. Farhangi did his master’s degree in management from the School of Applied Behavioral Sciences and Educational Leadership in Tehran.  

He has authored several educational and scientific works and articles on human interaction and nonverbal communication, which have been taught as academic material for years.

His books include ‘Technology and Cultural Evolution’ (1985); ‘Human Relations’ (1994); ‘Marketing Management’ and ‘Tension in the Working Environment: Identification of Occupational Tensions and Practical Solutions’ (2000).

Farhangi was conferred ‘Iran’s luminary figure in management’ in 2005.

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