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Iranian Women’s Apparel at Spain ExpoHalal

Iranian Women’s Apparel at Spain ExpoHalalIranian Women’s Apparel at Spain ExpoHalal

ExpoHalal Spain 2016 was a two-day exhibition of food, tourism and lifestyle held in Madrid, November 10-11, where the Iranian Working Group for Organizing Fashion and Clothing and the Institute of Contemporary Art Development presented Iranian clothing and fashion.

“By displaying modern Iranian garments, we try to offer new sets of Islamic clothing to the  Muslims of the world,” said Hamid Qobadi, the head of the working group.

As he explained, issues such as food have been presented in the form of halal products earlier but little has been done regarding Islamic clothing and their characteristics in the international community, “so we decided to present Iranian apparel which bear features in compliance with the Islamic styles,” Honaronline reported.

The second edition of ExpoHalal Spain also included conferences, round tables and exhibitions on Muslim lifestyles.

The term halal refers to healthy actions, services and food and other products permissible for Muslims according to Islamic rules. The rapid growth of the halal industry in Europe provides great national and international business opportunities. With a population of more than 44 million Muslims, the continent has become an important market to develop the halal industry. Due to the high purchasing power of this community, the European halal industry is valued at $70 billion.

ExpoHalal gathers the highest quality products of the industry; a meeting point of halal buyers and suppliers between East and West.

Spain currently has over 300 halal certified companies. Its strategic location between Europe and Africa, its excellent relations with the Persian Gulf countries and the rapid growth of the European halal industry have turned Spain into a key player on the Halal global markets.

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