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Autumn Sculptures at Exhibit

One of the featured sculptures One of the featured sculptures

With his sculpture exhibition ‘It Is Autumn’ Behdad Lahouti, 39, has tried to draw the attention of visitors to the less-noticed beauties of their surrounding world.

It is Lahouti’s 6th solo exhibition, “a continuation of my 4th solo exhibit that was titled Okra (one of the sculptures featured in the event). But the current event is closer to fulfillment,” he told ISNA.

The exhibition opened November 11 at Aran Projects Gallery in Tehran and will run through December 5. Except for Saturdays, the gallery is open on all days between 1 and 7 pm.

The sculptures featured are larger than life. “My emphasis was on seeing. I was wondering how better we can see the hitherto trivial things around us.”

“Among other things, the exhibit points out the infinity of beauty in the world. If we use our senses actively, we can discover these timeless beauties,” Lahouti said.

The exhibit features sculptures of tree seeds, top of a persimmon, a slice of lemon and other plant forms. Compared to their original sizes they are really large, with vibrant colors.

For the coloring of the artworks, he used fantachrome coating system that produces a mirror-like, chrome finish on almost any kind of surface. “The technique allows an artist to apply more radiant colors.”

“When I saw my 4-year-old daughter collecting the tops of persimmons for me, I realized that children are seeing a more interesting world. I now try to learn from them and observe everything with greater curiosity.”

Unlike his previous exhibits featuring works of iron, brass and bronze, the current sculptures are made from inexpensive materials like polyester and fiberglass. “I used these materials because I’d like people to be able to afford the prices.” It makes him happy if more people can take souvenirs from the exhibit.

The exhibit features a total of 100 pieces of various sculptures. The gallery is located at No. 5, Lolagar Alley, Neauphle-le-Chateau Street.

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