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Kalhor, Erzincan Performance at Vahdat in December

Kayhan Kalhor (L) playing kamancheh and  Erdal Erzincan with baglamaKayhan Kalhor (L) playing kamancheh and  Erdal Erzincan with baglama

Kayhan Kalhor, acclaimed Iranian composer and master of classical Kurdish and Iranian traditional music, accompanied by Turkish folk musician, composer and singer Erdal Erzincan will perform a duet concert on December 3-6 at Vahdat Hall in Tehran.

The 4-day joint performance will open on Saturday, December 3, at 9:30 pm and run through December 6, according to Tiwall (, the website where the concert tickets are sold.

At the event, Kalhor, 52, will play kamancheh, the spike fiddle for which he is globally known as a virtuoso. He has played the kamancheh as a soloist at a variety of symphony orchestras and ensembles. Like older Iranian virtuosos, he is also a master of improvisation.

 The other instrument to be played at the event is the baglama, a stringed instrument used in the Near East, Eastern Mediterranean and Central Asia. It is often performed in religious ceremonies and by itinerant poets, and is thus imbued with mythical and scared connotations. Erzincan, 45, a highly respected musician in his native Turkey, will play the instrument in the duet.

Kalhor and Erzincan have performed together earlier at Vahdat Hall in 2012 and 2014. Their musical cooperation goes back far to 2004 when they recorded an album titled ‘The Wind’, that included improvisations based on Iranian and Turkish music.

In the album, Iranian classical and Turkish Sufi music are entwined.

In October 2006, they presented a duet of kamancheh and baqlama at Terrace Theater of the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington DC.

In the same year, The Wind was released by ECM Records, an independent record company founded in Munich in 1969.

In February 2011, the duo recorded a live improvisation album named ‘Kula Kulluk Yakishir Mi’ in Turkish (literally, how unseemly it is to follow blindly), in Busra, Turkey. In August 2013, the album was released through ECM Records in the US.

In November 2012, Kalhor and Erzincan performed Iranian and Turkish improvisations at Centennial Theater in North Vancouver, Canada.


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