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Exquisite Rings by Master Engraver at Mess Negar Gallery

The proficiency of Iran’s master engravers comes from their loyalty to traditional Iranian styles and a deep understanding of contemporary art; the combination of the two characteristics has created unique artworks incised with gemstones
An item to be showcased at the exhibitionAn item to be showcased at the exhibition

A collection of exquisite men’s rings will be showcased at Mess Negar Gallery in Tehran.

With a mission to introduce and promote Iranian handicraft, the gallery is holding a week-long exhibition of a different kind this time. It will unveil a fine collection of handmade rings by master of the craft Abolfazl Rahimi, on November 11 at 4:30 pm, ISNA reported.

Mohammad Hassan Golchinpour, an expert in the traditional arts of Iran and gallery manager, said, the rings reflect “the unique and intricate aesthetics of Abolfazl Rahimi, who, in making them, has enjoyed the cooperation of prominent master engravers including Reza Qaderan, Majid Bahrami and Behzad Saee, thus bringing the craft to perfection.”

Cutting designs into stone is an ancient craft handed down to engravers. “The proficiency of Iran’s master engravers is due to their loyalty to traditional Iranian styles and a deep understanding of contemporary art. The combination of the two characteristics has created unique gemstone artworks incised with designs, names and verses from the Holy Qur’an,” he said.

The stone setting of the featured rings is an intricate job and “bezels merge delicately with the rings.”

Golchinpour explained about rings in general. “Through different eras of history, in legends and historic accounts, the ring has always symbolized the two concepts of commitment and power.”

Rings in the past were used to represent the authority of rulers and governors. These objects often served as seals affixed to contracts and conveyed the legal significance of the documents.

“After the advent of Islam, Muslim men wore rings on their right hands, signifying their allegiance to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  Naturally, such an object, rich in significance and implications, has interested the artists of various eras, who adorned the ring with their contemporary designs and motifs,” he added.

The gallery is located at No. 5, Commercial Wing, Park Prince Bldg on Northern Shiraz Street.

  Focus on Traditional Style

Mess Negar Gallery opened in 1989, with the aim of presenting prominent works by contemporary Iranian artists. The gallery focuses on works adhering to Iranian techniques and original designs of purely traditional style.

Engraved artworks made with hammer and chisel, are a favorite at the gallery. Most visitors are collectors, officials from cultural organizations and museums, as well as tourists and enthusiasts of traditional artworks.

The works showcased are all unique bearing ID cards. The gallery has participated in a number of exhibitions in Iran and overseas. The artworks presented have been well received in Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Sweden and Saudi Arabia.

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