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Istanbul Varsity Hosts Persian Courses

Istanbul Varsity Hosts Persian CoursesIstanbul Varsity Hosts Persian Courses

Iran’s cultural attache office in Turkey is holding Persian Language courses at Istanbul’s Yildiz Technical University.

At the opening ceremony of the language courses, Iran’s cultural attache in Istanbul Javad Amini explained the center’s activities in the field of Persian language and literature and expressed willingness to expand academic-cultural ties with Turkey’s cultural institutes.

Abdullah Dodangeh, a PhD candidate of history in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, is the instructor of the program.  

Persian and Turkish languages enjoy nearly 5,000 common expressions with more than 500 Persian words used in Turkish people’s daily conversations, reports IRNA.

Persian (Farsi) was a dominant language throughout Asia including Turkey in the past and until the 1960 revolution in Turkey the study of Persian language was compulsory in all Turkish schools.

Moreover, most of the high dignitaries of the Ottoman Court used to recite Persian verses of Hafiz and Saadi and other great poets of Iran and considered it as a sign of culture and refined taste.