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Gov’t Must Support Artists, Says Jannati

Gov’t Must Support Artists, Says JannatiGov’t Must Support Artists, Says Jannati

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati emphasized the need for government support to the arts and to “provide opportunities for artists to sell their works.”

He said the government can support them by providing the required spaces and promoting their exhibitions, during his visit to the seventh annual art exposition in Tehran organized by the Haft Negah Group on Saturday. He applauded the program organizers and appreciated the exhibition for its diversity and creativity.

The minister was accompanied by deputy cultural minister for artistic affairs, Ali Moradkhani and director of visual arts center, Majid Mollanoruzi. Managers of Vali and Elahe galleries along with a number of artists escorted the visitors during their tour of the exhibition, Honaronline reported.

Jannati also said the ministry had proposed to the Majlis to allocate a portion of the construction projects’ budget to include indigenous and Islamic architecture in the projects. He said it was the cultural ministry’s duty “to encourage government organizations to purchase art works and to incorporate them in multiple construction projects.”

 Tax Waiver

Regarding exemption from taxes, he said so far the tax department has only agreed to exempt booksellers and publishers. But, the ministry aims “to facilitate tax exemption for visual artists, cineastes and journalists as well,” he said.

To inspire private banks to invest in visual arts, Jannati said banks need assurance that their investments will yield fair returns. He cited the success of the Tourism Bank sponsoring the movie ‘City of Mice 2’ and expressed hope that “private banks will invest in visual arts by sponsoring art exhibitions and movies.”

Noting the economic potentials of creative arts, he said the ministry is preparing a report to be submitted to the government, emphasizing the role of ‘creative economy’ – that is the economic benefits generated through culture and art-related activities - on the country’s gross domestic produce (GDP).

Haft Negah (meaning ‘Seven Views’) is an annual art exhibition which aims at boosting the financial aspect of arts by inviting public buyers at large to purchase art works. The seventh edition of the exhibition began on November 14 at Niavaran Cultural Center and will continue till November 28.