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Heidegger Inspires Sculptor

Bahaedinzadeh and her ‘Maneli’ at Qasr Museum Garden Bahaedinzadeh and her ‘Maneli’ at Qasr Museum Garden

A collection of sculptures and paintings inspired by the existential concepts of German philosopher and thinker Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) is being showcased at Tehran’s Seyhoun Art Gallery.

‘Being Here’ is the latest exhibition by sculptor and painter Azar Sheikh-Bahaedinzadeh, a member of the Iranian Sculptors Association. It opened on October 28.

The exhibit title is derived from the German word ‘dasein’, a combination of da (there) and sein (being). It means ‘being there’ or ‘presence’, often translated into English as ‘existence.’ Dasein is a fundamental concept in the existential philosophy of Heidegger, highlighted in his magnum opus ‘Sein und Zeit’ (Being and Time), published in 1927.

“But what my exhibit conveys is not as vast as the totality of ‘the being experience’ Heidegger has referred to,” Sheikh-Bahaedinzadeh told Honaronline.

This is why she has used ‘here’ instead of ‘there’. “By ‘being here’ I mean not only being present, but the more inclusive concept of existence.”

“In my works, I have depicted people who are waiting (for something or someone). And because they are waiting, they must be harboring a hope.”

Their lives and faces are deliberately deformed in the works. “I wanted them deformed, because they are scarred by incidents that happened against their will. The deformity extends beyond, to their souls. We observe this from many angles,” said the sculptor.

Her works are not titled or captioned. “I would like visitors to remain uninfluenced when unraveling the mysteries of my works.”

“Viewers can make their own interpretations; that’s why I have no explanation or introduction to the works.”

Sheikh-Bahaedinzadeh is mainly known for her sculptures ‘Maneli’ at the Qasr Museum Garden installed in 2012, and the other at Laleh Park titled ‘Heshmat Khanoum’s Group’ installed in 2013.

“As it seemed to me that sculptures couldn’t single-handedly depict what I had in mind, so I also turned to painting, hoping that the two mediums could collaborate to convey the meaning of my works.”

The exhibition will run through November 9 at the venue at No. 11, 4th Street, Vozara Street.


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