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First Performance Art Festival in Spring 2017

The group received guidance from few masters in performance art for the upcoming event which is seen as a promising platform for closer ties among artists, encouraging them to interact and work together
Yaser Khaseb on the stage at his play ‘Mysterious Gift’ Yaser Khaseb on the stage at his play ‘Mysterious Gift’

Iranian theater troupe ‘Crazy Body’ is organizing Iran’s first festival of performance art in spring 2017.

Yaser Khaseb, 35, who heads the group, told Honaronline that the festival titled ‘National Solo Body Fest,’ will call for submission of entries in late November or early December.

It is a workshop-cum-performance event with various categories including physical theater, mime, modern and contemporary dance, modern and classic ballet, classical pantomime, contemporary mime, ‘sama’ (Sufi rituals that include spiritual singing, playing instruments, recitation of poetry and prayers), as well as traditional, ritual and folk dances,” Khaseb said.

The event will also include categories such as free style, parkour, break dance, capoeira (Brazilian martial art, combining elements of dance, acrobatics and music) and acrobatics.

“The idea of the festival sparked long ago after we participated in the 2005 Bushehr Pantomime Festival, when our group had just been formed. The connections we developed from various workshops and events over the years enable us to organize the festival.”

So far such a festival in the performance arts has not been held. “It will be a comprehensive, up-to-date event in the field.”

“For several years, we have been pursuing the establishment of a special academy for performance art. Fortunately, we are getting close to the objective, and hope to receive support from relevant foundations and investors,” for its operation, he said.

Not everyone has access to facilities and venues to perform. The event will provide an opportunity for enthusiasts to focus on their act and bring out their talents. “The stage will be open to new and creative acts. Such gatherings are bound to make a difference in performance arts and help establish a creative atmosphere.”

  Open to All

There are a huge number of people involved in performance art. “At first glance, many may not emerge as professional or skillful as expected. But they can be trained through systematic programs organized in the workshops,” Khaseb maintained. The festival is open to all enthusiasts in the field.

The group has received guidance from few masters in performance art for the upcoming event which will “undoubtedly be a promising platform for closer ties among artists and help us interact and work together throughout the year.”

He further said in spite of the vast number of young, talented artists in Iran, such a collective event is greatly missed in this field of work. “It will help make a difference in the monotonous trend (in theater) dominated by repeated and copycat performances. Efforts should be made to be innovative.”

Khaseb added: “It is unfortunate that most of the staged plays are enervated conversations. It is as if people who don’t read for whatever reason, come to theater and pay others to read out a play for them.”

He was confident that the festival would bring out “meaningful and glorious” works.


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