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Shirin Gallery Promoting Young Artists

Shirin Gallery Promoting Young ArtistsShirin Gallery Promoting Young Artists

The main objective of Shirin Gallery is to find new young talent and create a platform for young artists to show their works, “as the road to fame is long, needing support on the way,” founder/ director of the gallery Shirin Partovi told Financial Tribune on Friday (Nov. 21).

Launching the first exhibition at its new location, the gallery is hosting art works of Iman Safaei titled ‘Popular’.

Safaei’s artworks represent “colloquial language in modern installations.” He has used Persian satiric and clichés in an artistic way in which the elements used have been objectified and tangibly presented.

“I have always been interested in the culture of my country. In all my individual and group exhibitions I make use of Iranian traditions and culture, but display them in an abstract and postmodern way,” he explained.

A graphic designer, Safaei, born in 1982, has been involved in fine arts during his 12 years of professional career. This is his 3rd individual exhibition for which he has spent more than three years to complete the art works.

Generally the works showcased in exhibitions (including this one) are for sale. However, if they are not sold by the end of the exhibition, the artists have to store them in their homes as there is nowhere else to present them. “This is not rewarding at all, and artists feel all their attempts have gone in vain,” Safaei maintained.

 US Branch

Shirin Gallery also has a branch in New York, the US, where it seeks to introduce the great art and culture of Iran to foreign audiences. “People who visit the gallery in New York are excited to see that we have such creative artists in Iran,” Partovi stated.

The gallery has been showcasing different art works of both young and veteran artists for 10 years in Tehran. Its American branch started a year and a half ago. Except for Mondays, when it is closed, the gallery is open to the public for free and art enthusiasts can visit the installations at No. 5, 13th St., Karimkhan Zand Ave., Tehran, from 11 am to 8 pm daily.