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Play on Daily Grind

Play on Daily GrindPlay on Daily Grind

‘Behind the Windows’, a play about routine and the daily grind is on stage at Senoqteh Theater Complex in Tehran.

The play written by author, actor and playwright Mohammad Charmshir, 56, and directed by actor and theater director Farhad Toufan, 37, opened on October 16.

The story is about two dolls set in a shop display. Each belongs to a different generation, Toufan told Mehr News Agency. Actors Sayeh Abbaspour and Asma Farzin play the role of the dolls.

Whenever the shop owner leaves, the dolls come to life, move about and play games. But soon they realize how routine their life has become.

Toufan said theater should deal with social issues, and his play “depicts the dominant lifestyle as it is today.”

“Mechanical life has made us bereft of imagination and contemplation. We are tied to routine.”

This is exactly how some people live these days. They are prisoners of their own thoughts and live a mechanical life on the basis of their monotonous habits.

“We used the distancing effect,” a performing arts concept coined by German poet, playwright and theater director Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956), which prevents the audience from getting lost in the narrative, making them instead conscious, critical observers.

The 35-minute play will run through October 28 at the theater complex located at No 10 and 12, intersection of Kabkanian-Mortezazadeh streets, Keshavarz Blvd.


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