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Derambakhsh Works at Slashed Prices

Poster of the exhibit  ‘I’ve Set Fire to My Wares’Poster of the exhibit  ‘I’ve Set Fire to My Wares’

Acclaimed Iranian cartoonist and graphic designer Kambiz Derambakhsh has give an unusual title to his upcoming exhibit.

Derambakhsh, 74, has organized his exhibition titled ‘I’ve Set Fire to My Wares,’ a parlance hawkers use when the peddled goods are sold at irrationally low prices and below the buying rates.

On Friday, October 21, he will put on sale 500 of his drawings, cartoons, comics, paintings, miniatures, illustrations and photos. The sale takes place at Ariana Art Gallery in Tehran and will run through November 4.

“I would like those with lesser purchasing power, particularly the youth and students, to be able to visit the exhibit, buy my works with ease and take them home,” Derambakhsh told Honaronline.

In terms of the price, the featured works start from 70,000 rials or a couple of dollars and end at humble heights hovering slightly over $280 or 10 million rials. “The expensive works at the exhibit do not exceed 30 or 40 in number,” he said.

The featured works come from a vast time period between 1971 and 2016. “Around 65% of the works are being showcased for the first time … my works have not yet seen a show so extensive.”

“This is just a small part of the plan I have to showcase and sell my works. I’m planning to set up two or three more exhibitions in winter to show my other works.”

Except for the paintings on canvas, buyers can take their other purchases home. But the paintings will stay on the walls of the gallery until the final day of the exhibit, Derambakhsh said.

The gallery is located at No 9, Eastern Maryam Street, Fereshteh (Fayyazi) Street.


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