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Al-Mustafa Opens 360 Qur’anic Centers Abroad

Al-Mustafa Opens 360 Qur’anic Centers Abroad Al-Mustafa Opens 360 Qur’anic Centers Abroad

Qom’s Al-Mustafa International Open University has established 360 Qur’anic centers in foreign countries, an official said on Tuesday.

“By opening these ‘Dar-ol-Qur’an’ Centers, the university has activated the largest Qur’anic network in the world in the fields of reciting, interpreting and memorizing the Holy Book,” said cultural deputy of the university Hojat-ol-Islam Mohammad-Reza Saleh.

“In this critical period in which we are encountering the cruel and inhumane acts of IS extremist groups, Al-Mustafa University is making efforts to introduce true Islam to the world,” IRNA quoted him as saying.

Close to 30,000 students have graduated from the university which are active, in their own countries, in cultural and social fields,” he noted.

Moreover, the university is to hold a Qur’an and Hadith International Festival. It will be the greatest Qur’anic event in the Islamic world since it will be held in 40 countries and 30 fields.

 Training Scholars

The festival will be held in two stages: preliminary and final; the preliminary oral part is slated for November 22-28, while the written section is planned from November 26 to December 3. The festival’s finals will be held on February 3, 2015 in Qom.

Saleh noted that Al-Mustafa University is a religious institution which aims to train devoted Muslim scholars. It has students from various parts of the word who study at B.A, M.A and PhD levels.

According to the university’s website, instructing jurists, researchers, teachers, disseminators and pious and committed Muslim thinkers; clarifying and expanding Qur’anic and Islamic viewpoints and disseminating Islamic theories, divine teachings and humanities knowledge are among the university’s objectives.

It has international branches in different countries as well as affiliate schools such as Islamic College of London, Indonesia Islamic college and Ghana Islamic College.