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Iranian Architecture in Ukraine Project

A view of Mehr-Khaneh
A view of Mehr-Khaneh

With their unique project 'Mehr-Khaneh', Iranian architect Nima Keyvani, 34, and his team members Solmaz Fouladi and Sina Keyvani, have brought Iranian architecture into the spotlight.

At the 9th Annual Iranian Interior Design Awards 2016 on September 29, Mehr-Khaneh received praise as an overseas project designed by Iranian architects in the out-of-contest category.

Keyvani and his team designed the interior of a building in Ukraine drawing inspiration from the architectural elements of the ancient Iranian civilization, particularly that of Mithraism.

"It is a completely modern project with a different approach in spatial arrangement and Iranian culture," Keyvani told Mehr News Agency. "Given the financial constraints, we used minimal designs with an artistic Iranian ambiance. That was why we turned to loft design" where a large adaptable open space is often converted for residential use.

"We designed the space using exposed concrete, rebar and oxidized iron. To give the residential space the required warmth and comfort, we used special lighting and materials such as brick and wood."

  Flight to Higher Status

Keyvani referred to the staircase situated in the main hall as "a philosophical element in design of the project." "It signifies perfection and a flight to a higher status. The stairs lead to the Sun, and the Sun symbolizes light and awareness. The flight of the stairs is aligned toward the East, toward sunrise."

"In designing the lighting too, the Sun is the source of inspiration. They are in triangular forms derived from dodecagons used frequently in Iranian architecture to signify the Sun. The triangular forms are reflected in parts of the ceiling. They resemble sunrays coming into the building, representing the belief that awareness and speculation is unstoppable, even by a concrete wall."

One of the oldest extant rock carvings of the Sun is used in a light box. Turquoise glass tiles in the kitchen are another inspiration from traditional Iranian architecture. "In view of the significance of plants in Iranian tradition and architecture, they are found in various parts of the project," Keyvani added.

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